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Company history



LONJAS TECNOLOGÍA S.A. was founded in Madrid in 1946.

In 1989 LONJASTEC ENERGÍA shifted its core activity to the energy sector focusing in Cogeneration (CHP) plants for the Spanish industrial sector, having its first “turn key” project commissioned in 1991. Since then LONJAS TECNOLOGÍA S.A. become a leading player in the global Cogeneration and Energy Efficiency market.

LONJASTEC ENERGÍA firsts biomass and biogas plants projects were carried out in the late 1990’s, both cogeneration and generation.

In 2000 it designed and built its first grid connected Phovoltaic generation plant.

In 2002 the first biogas cogeneration plant designed and built by LONJASTEC ENERGÍA was commissioned.

In 2010 the first phase of Parc de L’alba CHP based District Heating & Cooling. This 50 MWe plant, a worldwide referent, has been fully designed by LONJASTEC ENERGÍA, who was also a leading actor in its development, construction, and O&M.

In 2012 the first Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) based cogeneration plant begun operation.

Since the beginning of its activity in energy plants in 1991, a highly specialized Maintenance department for energy plants was implemented, it offers Integral Maintenance services based on Long Term Service Agreements.

Our Environmental Consultancy Department was established in 2003 as a key tool for the accomplishment of our mission, and to help the development of projects for our clients, This department is highly specialized in IPP studies, and consultancy on Greenhouse Gases regulation, Environmental Impact Assessments, and Energy Audits.

In 2004, an Energy Management Department was set up. It is focused on the trading of renewable and high efficiency CHP energy. It also commercializes electricity for industrial users in the Spanish market.

With its headquarters in Madrid (Spain), LONJASTEC ENERGÍA  has been active throughout Europe, Africa, and Latin America. It has developed projects in Brazil, South Africa, Portugal, Peru, Chile, Morocco, among other countries.

In 2001 LONJASTEC ENERGÍA E MEIO AMBIENTE was set up in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to cover the Brazilian and other Latin America markets.

In 2012 a South African subsidiary was incorporated in Cape Town.

In 2013 our subsidiary in Peru was established and begun its operations  


De Millus (Río Janeiro)
2668 Kw CHP Plant

Location: Penha (Rio Janeiro) – Brasi

Contract: EPC and Integral Maintenance

Start up: December 2012

Sorigué (Lleida)
4500 Kw CHP Plant

Location: Balaguer (Lleida) – Spain

Contract: EPC and Integral Maintenance

Start up: January 2008